Robbery-intoxicated Chile says it respects international law

...................Carolina Tohá

In an outrageous show of shamelessness, Carolina Tohá, Chile’s Minister Secretary General of Government, has said yesterday: “Chile has a history of unconditional respect for international law”.

If anything, Chile is internationally known as a country that robs the land of its neighbours and consistently violates international law. Certainly, Chile has a disgusting record in terms of respect for international treaties. Let us see the facts.

1. In February 1879 Chile started a war of agression against Bolivia and Peru1, two impoverished countries2 which under Chilean military occupation signed treaties relinquishing sovereignty of part of their territories. Bolivia is a land-locked country as a result of this Chilean aggression.

2. The treaty Peru was forced to sign in 1883 provided that a plebiscite would be held in Arica and Tacna--Peruvian cities under Chilean military occupation–for the population to choose if they wished to live under Peruvian or Chilean sovereignty. Chile staged a campaign of ethnic cleansing3 and the plebiscite never took place.

3. Against the background of that unfulfilled  plebiscite, Peru and Chile in 1929 signed a treaty (article 2nd) which defined the common border, which starts on the seashore, at the Concordia point (coordinates 18º 21’ 08” S and 70º 22’ 39” W). Now Chile claims that article is null and void.

4. By denying the validity of the Concordia point, Chile draws a parallel line and puts under its control 37 000 square metres of Peruvian land3.

It is unbelievable that Chile, a criminal country with a long standing history of contempt for international law and treaties, has the nerve to say it respects international law.


1 Read Theft_oriented Chile declares war on Peru on April the 5th, 1879.

2 Read Chilean cynicism–“We waged a defensive war”.

3 Read Maritime delimitation Peru_Chile.