Chilean Diplomacy--a nest of thieves

On July the 12th*, Dr. Jesús Valentín Coquis, representative of the Patriotic Comission, pointed out that between Chile and Peru there shall not be a real equitable relationship so long as Chile refuses to give back Arica and Tarapacá to Peru. We must bear in mind, said he, what happened between France and Germany--the latter invaded France and occupied Alsace and Lorraine but later gave these lands back to France. Only after these French provinces were returned to France could a solid France-Germany relationship be established.

An episode that is little known is that of the Chilean ambassador to Peru who was in Lima some years before the Salpetre War (1879-1883). Back then ambassadors were called “plenipotenciary ministres”. The Chilean plenipotenciary minister put on a banquet to honour the Limenian aristocracy. The well-to-do families reciprocated in kind and invited the Chilean ambassador to their homes. What these affluent families did not know was that the Chilean diplomat was an inveterate thief. This crook, under orders of his government and taking advantage of his being invited, made a careful reconnoissance of the mansions, stealthly scribbling on paper anything valuable he managed to notice: paintings, gold and silver ornaments, jewels, etc.

As the Chileans began invading Peru, everybody --especially the rich families-- hid whatever they could (jewels, money) and thought they wouldn’t lose anything but ordinary belongings. Later in the war, when the Chilean terrorists took control of Lima, the notes the criminal ambassador had taken in his visits proved to be a useful tool--if the head of a rich family claimed he and his family had only what was in the eyes of the Chilean soldiers, these thieves produced the list of valuables the ambassador had seen in his visits: “Sorry, sir, let us see, you have this, this and this...” So under death threat the rich had to give the Chileans gold and silver objects, money and works of art. Be careful, dear reader, Chileans have not changed their ways!

As regards the distortions high-school students find in their History textbooks that show a false picture of the Saltpetre War, Dr. Valentín said it is necessary to start a campaign to recover the true facts of History that are familiar to the parents of today’s boys and girls, who studied and learned a History that did not hide facts unpalatable to the Chileans and their Peruvian lackeys (mass murders, looting, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, etc.). These shortcomings in education take place because for all practical purposes the courses in History of Peru, Civic Education and Religion have been expunged from the curriculum by condensing all three into one hour per week. “This very serious mistake reveals a lack of national consciousness that begins early in childhood and has life-long consequences. It is necessary to start a fight in order to get these three courses restored in full--it is a basic civic and patriotic endeavour”, he said and added that the Patriotic Commission he leads shall address the Education Minister to discuss these matters. He said that in Chile comics praising ethnic cleansing, terrorism and looting perpetrated in the Saltpetre War are being disseminated.
“How is the personality of these youths being  formed?”, he wondered.

*July 12, 2007