CNN muestra ovni en ceremonia de juramentación de Obama

La cadena CNN mostró un presunto objeto volador no identificado (OVNI), que sobrevoló la zona donde se realizaba la ceremonia de juramentación del nuevo presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Hussein Obama.

El ovni se desplazó primero de derecha a izquierda y se le puede ver a la altura del obelisco de Washington DC, cerca al Capitolio, donde apareció como un objeto alargado.

El hecho también está documentado en la prensa británica, el Daily Mail informa (ver) con una nota y su respectivo video:

Did a UFO fly past President Barack Obama's inauguration?
By Daily Mail Reporter

Here is the astonishing picture from a video of an unidentified object flying over President Barack Obama's inauguration this week in Washington, D.C.
The video, titled 'Filmed by CNN News – UFO at Inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama' has created a buzz since it appeared on the internet.
The video shows CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper discussing President Obama’s historic speech before cutting to a shot of the Washington D.C.'s Capitol.
An object is spotted flying past the Washington Monument during President Barack Obama's inauguration
CNN anchor Blitzer says: 'To the rest of the world especially to the Muslim world, he has a double message.'
The Sun revealed the shot then cuts to the Mall and a small dark object is seen whizzing past the Washington Monument, the world’s tallest obelisk at 555ft tall.
The footage has created a discussion among bloggers with some speculating the object is a bird.
However, one commentor doubted the object was a bird, due to its flat appearance and lack of visible wings.
One wrote: 'Personally, I think the little green men rocked up to join the rest of the world in wishing Obama well.'

El video se puede ver en Youtube: