Intentan matar a anticolonialistas en cárcel Libia

Los presuntos defensores de la libertad en Libia, que se prestaron al saqueo de su país por parte de los países de la OTAN, intentaron matar en la cárcel a un anticolonialista arrojándolo de un segundo piso.


Tras la toma de Sirte, las marionetas libias habían fusilado a 85 partidarios de Qaddafi.

Los familiares del detenido diplomático enviaron una carta al Secretario Generak de la ONU, que reproducimos.



His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki Moon

Secretary General

United Nations, NY

Your Excellency, I am writing to bring to your attention an issue we deem important not only because it relates to a member of our family but as a human rights issue that concerns a former Permanent Representative to the United Nations who contributed to solving many human rights issues and guaranteeing these rights to many in his country and the world.

The case in question concerns Mr. Abuzed Omar Dorda, the former PR of Libya to the UN during the nineties. As you may know, Mr. Dorda has been arrested by the new Libyan Authorities for two months. He had arranged his own surrender as he was confident he had not participated in any murders or arbitrary arrests. He was only serving his country in different positions and very active in international diplomacy. He had a major role in solving many of the problems between the international community and Libya, most important of which was the Lockerbie issue. Many Permanent Representatives and UN officials who worked and dealt with him would attest to his responsible and genuine personality and efforts. Mr. Dorda survived a murder attempt last night, 25October, 2011, at the hands of his guards in the building where he was arrested. He was thrown off the second floor leading to several broken bones and other serious injuries.

Authorities were forced to move Dorda to Maitiga hospital in Tripoli where as of now he is being held under extremely poor conditions. Dorda is not receiving the proper treatment duly and legally accorded a political prisoner, let alone that required under the terms of human rights and other international treaties.

On behalf of his family I kindly ask you to interfere directly as the Secretary General of the United Nations which he has long served, or through other humanitarian organizations, to guarantee his safety, security and freedom so he can get the proper treatment.

Sincerely Yours,
Adel Khalifa Dorda